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Friday, January 31, 2014

Staying true to what is good and right - Psalm 7

We certainly go through tough times when we KNOW what we are sticking to is good and/or right, though people or circumstances rise as obstacles to what we are pursuing. Even when those obstacles seem so convincing or cause us to doubt our stand in some way, with the Lord as your shield, He can protect you from anyone or any thing.

Recently, I took my 18 month old to the doctor for his 18 month checkup. He happened to have a pretty bad cold/cough at the same time. The doctor asked to do a strep culture, even though he didn't have any of the typical symptoms of high fever over 101 or white spots in a devastatingly sore throat. The rapid strep culture was positive (92% accuracy), and he had an inflamed ear. With his already challenged immune system with severe food sensitivities, I was extremely reluctant to go the route of antibiotics, which wipe out most of the good bacteria along with the bad. Also, the doctor pointed out there could be ingredients in the medicine that he could be reactive to, as well. The doctor told me I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Take the antibiotics to kill the strep virus (which in rare cases can cause consequential health problem if not taken care of) but likely worsen is food sensitivities and weaken his immune system further to more illness...

Long story short, I filled the prescription but quickly researched how I can use the essential oils I have to treat strep and a pending ear infection. Different essential oils from botanicals (God's creation, after all!) have natural, powerful antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties (and MANY other properties/benefits). I followed that protocol strictly the rest of the afternoon and through the night. If he was worse in the morning, I would start the antibiotics. I prayed prayed prayed for his immediate healing. I felt in my gut SO BAD about giving him the antibiotics, knowing what I know about how detrimental they are for the rest of your LIFE, in fact, aside from all the present issues I knew would ensue.

In the morning, he was SO SO much better from the cold/cough symptoms; he seemed to feel like a brand new baby!! I praised God so much and kept up with the EO protocols for a full 10 days (just like antibiotics) until we got the second strep lab culture result (which was taken at 7 days post-diagnosis) that it was NEGATIVE for strep! Much more relief and praise and tears in thankfulness to God than my baby was delivered from illness without all the pressures to resort to the medicine.

SO this deviates a lot from the point of Psalm 7 overall, but what I took from it was most relevant for what happened in my life recently. If I'm right, Lord, please stick by me and defeat my enemies. If I'm wrong, lead me to the truth. Praise Jesus!

Monday, January 27, 2014

When you are ill - Psalm 6

When you are ill, don't you just want a little help? Don't you just want a little mercy on your day, especially when you're reallllllly sick? And if you're a mom like me, getting sick can be completely overwhelming when you want to and need to HALT but life keeps skyrocketing forward, with or without you. Maybe your spouse still has to head to work for the day and you still have needy, energetic little ones to feed and corral and entertain, as well as certain house needs that don't stop crying your name.

The last time I felt the sickest, I remember I was attempting to cook lunch for my 17 month old. I usually depend on leftovers for lunches, yet we happened to be fresh out of those. The baby was playing at my feet, pulling on my legs, bringing me toys and asking for attention and for food. I felt totally out of it and "faint", as Psalm 6 puts it...the feeling where you know in "your bones" that all you needed right then way to lay in bed and heal. I just sat down on the rug, leaning against the cabinets by the sink; Finn continued to offer me whatever toy was the highlight of the minute. I felt like I just could not stand another second and my body was just quitting using energy on standing and moving anymore! For the first time ever, I asked my husband to come home from work, which let me retire to my bed and heal with lightning speed.

Thinking back, even though I felt terrible and weak and helpless that day, I could have been nowhere near the amount of agony and groaning as David experienced in this Psalm. I wasn't worn out from groaning or flooding my bed with weeping. But no matter what, whatever ails us or troubles us or worries us, it is God's utmost care that His child is in distress. I don't remember if I prayed in those tough moments or uttered a "Jesus, help me get through this day," but along with lots of water and natural remedies, He certainly did deliver me quickly from that illness and the next day I was up and at 'em, feeling about 98%! God is so good and our divine Healer!

Psalm 6:10 "All my enemies...will turn back in sudden disgrace." That's sure what appeared to have happened. Praise the Lord!

Friday, January 24, 2014

No pleasure in evil - Psalm 5

I'm loving when I find verses (a couple so far!) that speak of seeking God or praying in the morning. It encourages me in my new-forming habit of rising early in the morning to read the Bible first thing before the rest of my to-do's begin. "In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation" (Psalm 5:3). I know I'm giving my Father joy by seeking Him first before other things. Just like when my son Finn, only 18 months, seeks his mama first upon, his eyes half open and he's barely picked his head off the mattress and he's calling for me.

What's the first thing on your mind when you wake up? "Just 10 more minutes...zzzzzzz." Your to-do list running through your mind? Pick right back up with worrying about this or that?

Seek Him first! God relieves us of these things. Give your cares to God first thing, and praise Him for all you are blessed with. Wait in expectation for all God has in store, because it's good and God will honor your pursuit of Him!

There are several verses about how God responds to those who are wicked, arrogant, wrong-doers, liars, those who have rebelled against God, enemies of God. God is holy and good and righteous and the Lord over all, so those who are enemies of Him cannot have His protection and will suffer wrath. My heart aches for those who do not know the Lord!

As Psalm 5 says, I will "ever sing joy" for God's guidance and protection and goodness. He protects the righteous; I will strive to be. And where I fall short (as we inevitably all will greatly fall short), grace makes up for it - that's the whole point for what Jesus did.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sleep in peace - Psalm 4

As much as one may call upon the Lord and ask Him to answer, at the same time one can trust that he is heard. When we ask God the same request over and over, it can feel like we're not getting through, that God's not listening, that our request is not important enough to be granted or even heard by God.

The Lord hears you. Your Father has your worries and desires close to His heart - you are His child and His utmost joy is to love and take care of you. As a child of God, He has you wrapped up in His arms and your struggles matter so much.  Just as a mommy or daddy never wants to see his/her child come to harm or encounter obstacles seemingly too tough to bear, so the Lord feels for you.

Trust in the Lord. His timing is perfect.

I love the verse, "In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent" (Psalm 4:4). At first I paid no attention to the first phrase, because I don't have a problem with anger. I don't get angry, who me? Um, hello. Search my heart? Okay, I am silent now! Yes, I certainly do get angry. The call here is not to not get angry but to not sin in that anger. Self. Control. At first you may think, "Okay, don't get mad and murder someone." That's pretty easy for me to control. But don't get mad and say something disrespectful to my husband in that anger? That probably happens more often than I'd like to admit. When I search my heart, my actions and words for sure likely spark many things that my husband simply holds his tongue or just lets go. So, this verse strikes home.

I also loved 4:8, which says, "I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." For me it is rare rare rare rare rare if something should ever be going on that would cause me a sleepless night or take longer than half an hour (more like 90 seconds!) for me to fall asleep at night. Over the years my trust in my Lord has become so deep, I hardly leave anything to worry. I just trust that everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen is part of God's incredibly and intricately woven plan that has mine and your best interests at heart.